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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Strawberry Tree & A Veggie Tree | Katie Guth Photography

So I know, I KNOW, this is very post-poned. Oops.
For Christmas, I made a very special treat this year. 
Anyone who really knows me, knows that I rarely cook.
I was simply just never taught how! Well thank you
to Pinterest and all of it's gorgeous-ness in food I see
whenever I get bored, I found something so exciting literally
just TWO DAYS before Christmas Eve! And luckily for me, 
it was a fun and simple taste and involved taking pretty
pictures. (: 

Have you ever heard of or seen a Strawberry Tree or a 
Vegetable Tree? The photos are below! 

All you need, is a couple of styrofoam cores for the base
of your tree, and some wax paper to wrap around the 
styrofoam. I used little pie dishes and lace doilies 
hot glued to the dish for a prettier and stable tree.

For the strawberries, all you have to do is grab some
semi-sweet chocolate chips and microwave them long
enough to be thick but soupy, and cut off the ends of all
of your strawberries (about two cartons). Start with the biggest
strawberries, dip the cut end in the chocolate and then stick it
to the tree! Continue until your tree is covered and it'll 
be all done! I've also seen trees where people have used the
chocolate to shape a star on the wax paper, and then let it
harden for the top or "tree star." I found just using a strawberry
MUCH quicker and easier since I made three trees total in
ONE night! :D

For the Vegetable Tree I got a couple bundles of broccoli, 
a couple peppers (I didn't end up using the orange one), some
cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots. You will also need toothpicks! 
I had a hard time finding toothpicks at the store. They were
by the forks and spoons and paper plates, which in Wal-Mart is 
by the paper goods! (; 

Start this tree the same was as the strawberry one. Cut up 
the broccoli and use the large pieces at the bottom and work
your way all the way to the top, making sure there's no wax paper
showing through. If there is wax paper showing through, don't
worry, as your other veggies will cover it! Then add carrots
throughout, these can be hard to get a toothpick into! Next, 
add your cherry tomatoes. Then, cut a pepper into tiny slices, 
and cut out a star. Add those in, like pictured, and your tree
is all set! 

Needless to say, everyone LOVED these trees at Christmas Eve 
and Christmas Day. Now don't forget this idea for next year! 

If you look on Pinterest, there's all sorts of trees found HERE!

<3 Enjoy! xoxo