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Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Rustic Chic DIY Desk! | Waukesha, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Photographer

I spent a lot of time making and preparing this desk for
the long awaited blog post! I started my desk by ordering
the two mint green end tables HERE, then went to Menards
and bought this 8 foot long butcher block and some accessories 
along with a center post, which we didn't end up using yet. 

HERE are the photos of the desk! Underneath you'll see the progress 
and DIY project photos! (: I'll probably be adding a post to the in the 
rear center soon, as well as some mocha-colored baskets in the end tables,
I just have yet to find ones that I LOVE for decent pricing! 

After assembling the end tables, I had Devin and our roommate help
in cutting 7 inches off the butcher block. NOTE: *** This is NOT a safe
way of cutting the block and is NOT recommended. I apologize for our
unsafe methods, but you gotta do what you gotta do. In the first photo, 
they're cutting the block, and YES he wore safety glasses! (: In the second
photo, Devin is just sanding down the edge. Then there's the wood shavings,
the finished cut, the butcher block in its new location, and an in-process 
waxing shot! I decided use Johnson's Paste Wax (found at hardware stores)
because I didn't want to bring out the yellow or add gloss to the wood.
Once it dried, it looked as if nothing had been done to it! I applied
2 coats, 24 hours apart.

*** DISCLAIMER - The rest are iPHONE photos! ***

The next project was the DIY polaroid photo frame! This was super 
quick and fun! (: The photos were prints I had previously ordered from 
ORIGRAMI and I absolutely LOVE them. I'm a huge fan and recommend
everyone prints their Instagram photos through them! They're in Australia
but shipping is super cheap still. The frame I found at Goodwill, in which
I removed the crazy old photo that was in it, and then sanded / scuffed up 
the edges. Then, I re-stapled the corners to add  stability again that 
was failing. I sized out how many photos I could fit in the frame by
laying them out, and also sized out the strings and how much droop
they would have with the weight of the photos. I created loop knots, 
and stapled those in multiple spots on each edge. Then I chose what photos
I wanted to showcase out of the printed ones I had, and clipped them
on with the tiny white clothespins I found on Amazon, and adjusted
them until they sat perfectly! (: 

The next DIY project I did was the tiny plate-hangers for these
AMAZING elephant bowls. These were gifted to Devin and I by
my father and step-mom at Christmas time, which are hand-made
from Ethiopia. I think they are so so so special and so 
lovely to look at! The plate hangers consist of thick wire, cut 3
inches longer then the plates' diameter. You then create a loop in 
one wire, and create a "V" shape in the other, put it through the loop
and then twist it around to secure the two pieces together. Then, even out
the wires, place the loop just above the ridge on the back of the
plate, and fold the wires over the edges as tightly as possible, 
trimming any excess wire at the length you desire! 

The flowers, coasters, and mason jars:

The flowers are obviously dead, but still so incredibly beautiful! 
They were supplied by Marius Bell Floral for our GORGEOUS winter
STYLED SHOOT! Check out the link for photos of them where they
were alive and full of color! They're so lovely! 

The coasters are AMAZING aren't they?!? I was beyond
excited when I found them and ordered them off of Etsy. Obviously
I probably won't use more than two at a time, BUT they add so
much rustic to my desk that I just LOVE.

The mason jars were a project that I created about 1.5 years ago, 
which I found on Pinterest. All you need to do, is find non-stamped
mason jars, use hot glue on the glass writing whatever word(s)
you want it to have, and after that dries, place the jar upside down on
cardboard and spray paint it (probably 2 coats) in your desired color! 
They look great with flameless candles in them at night. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 
I really hope you love this as much as I do and SHARE SHARE SHARE!
Much love to you all! <3 xoxo