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Friday, May 12, 2017

GUEST POST | Outdoor Weddings | Wendy Dessler

Naturally Beautiful: Simple Yet Opulent Outdoor Weddings
Back to Nature is one of 2017’s hottest wedding trends as couples gravitate towards design elements taken from their recreational time outdoors. Can you have a simple, natural event that is elegant enough for a wedding, though? If “glamping” or glamorous camping can take its place among the hottest trends of the seasons then, you can definitely combine “simple” with “opulent” for an incredible nature-inspired wedding.

Color Palettes

By choosing “greenery” as its color of the year, Pantone set the design world on a collision course with nature. The growing popularity of palettes including the yellow-green shade is impressive: greenery and blush; purple, lavender and greenery; ivory and greenery – all of them perfectly poised to help celebrate nature and all of its beauty. Flowing, feminine mint-green bridesmaid dresses complement the darker tones of natural greens and look stunning against many of the other year’s signature colors.

Gardens Indoors and Out

Garden weddings have long been popular and continue to capture hearts and minds this year. Couples are creating their own private English-style hidden gardens and adding rituals like planting a unity tree or shrub together. In this twist on the traditional unity candle lighting, a large container with potting soil sits at the altar area. During the ceremony, a tree or perennial plant is added, along with soil (sometimes from each partner’s home) symbolizing the union of two families and growth together over time. The plant is generally transferred to the soil of the newlyweds’ first home to be enjoyed by generation after generation.

Floral Design

Hand-tied bouquets that look like they are freshly picked from the garden, teeming with greens and accented with softening blooms like hydrangea and peonies in pale blush or ivory are in-demand (and once again look incredible against mint green bridesmaid dresses!). Floral headpieces have been popular for the last few years, and continue to be, however this year’s couples prefer more greenery in the halos than flowers.
Centerpieces are also fresh-from-the-garden. Succulents have gained huge ground as legitimate wedding plants this year, in part due to their hardiness, and availability in unique shades like green-grey. Using whole or sliced fruit like lemons or lime slices also helps create a natural look on guest tables.
Weddings give us a chance to go beyond traditional, and not all garden weddings are set outdoors. Bringing nature inside is hot this year. Extravagant floral walls or backdrops of all greens conceal the otherwise standard walls of ballrooms and reception spaces. Hanging floral chandeliers highlight places where guest attention is desired like cake tables, sweetheart tables, and other important displays. Filling in the spaces between are massive assemblies of candlelight in lanterns, votive holders and garden containers.
Glamping tents are also increasingly present at weddings. Couples use the luxury canopies to create Bohemian lounge spaces with rich layers of tapestry and cushions where guests can relax during the cocktail period or escape when they need to rest from dancing. The tents are often filled with lanterns and candlelight.

Beyond Decor

Even catering is undergoing a nature-inspired renaissance. Wedding menus featuring locally-grown products featured on chef-manned, interactive stations are more than just a meal…they are part of the guest experience. Herb-infused botanical cocktails and expertly paired wines enhance farm-to-table wedding meals elevating them to a true gourmet experience.
If you’re the outdoors type, this is your year! Turn your celebration into a gardener’s dream by incorporating natural elements throughout your wedding design.

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